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What is Homeowners Insurance?

If there's one thing that tends to scare homeowners, it's the issue of insurance. Whether it's life insurance, car insurance, health insurance, fire insurance, or homeowners insurance, it is a daunting prospect for millions of Americans. So, what exactly is homeowners insurance? The short answer is that it's insurance that covers damage to your home, possessions, and property. Renters can buy insurance to cover the possessions in their apartment, duplex, mobile home, or house. However, there might be some items that are not included in your policy, which is why you need to be prepared to ask your local insurance agent as many questions as you can think to ask.

Types of Home Insurance

While the primary concern for most homeowners is loss, damage, and destruction due to fire and smoke, it's by no means the only concern. Where you live in the country has a lot to do with the types of additional coverage you'll want to add to your home insurance policy. Additional coverage to consider is flood, hurricane, tornado, and termite damage. One mistake many homeowners make is to assume they're covered no matter the type of damage. This additional coverage is called an insurance rider, and is in addition to your standard policy. Not knowing the details of your homeowners insurance policy can cost you tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket, or worse. In fact, it can cost you everything if you suffer a loss that is not covered.

Shopping For Home Insurance

The best approach to take when shopping for homeowners insurance is to write down a list of questions prior to meeting with any insurance agents. Write down everything you can think of, even if you think it sounds absurd. Different areas of the country have different types of concerns. If you're new to an area then it's particularly important to ask your local insurance agent for coverage typical of homeowners in your new area.

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